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The Flyway Companies are involved in numerous aspects of the construction and real estate industry. They focus on sustainable design models within urban growth corridors.  The company offers a range of services from development, commercial and residential construction, real estate acquisition and property management services. Flyway understands the needs of diverse and ever changing urban markets and capitalizes on its ability to self manage a diverse portfolio of real estate services. Flyway aims to retain its core values of good design, sustainable buildings practices and client retention.

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Through owner, design team, and contractor collaboration, we consistently deliver product on time and at exceptional value to our clients.

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We use our ability to leverage strong relationships with local jurisdictions to identify and seek the properties highest and best use.

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Flyway offers comprehensive brokerage services to not only showcase our own developments, but also to offer brokerage services to all types of buyers and sellers.

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Focusing on client relations, competitive rates, and modern day marketing, our management team has created a competitive edge.

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The Awakening Mini-documentary

Check out this mini-documentary of Enough Pie’s Awakening, held in 1600 Meeting on July 13, 2013 just few days before renovations began. With interviews from participating artists John Duckworth and Sharen Mitchell, as well as The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art’s curator Mark Sloan, this look back at the one day art and performance event [...]

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